Sunday, December 1, 2013

Acting on God's revelations

Psalm 119:70(MSG)
They're bland as a bucket of lard, while I dance to Your revelation.

This is my sweet friend...lounging...after a LOT of playing!
A bucket of lard.  That's descriptive.  Pretty lethargic people being described in the first part of this verse!  But not the Psalmist!  He isn't lounging around doing nothing all day.  He is up celebrating in what the Lord has done for him!  That's so cool!  It's also a great segue for me to jump into my exciting news! 

Tomorrow morning, at 7:00am, I will be hosting Best Selling author Erin Healy on this blog with a Q & A session!  It is exciting to me in so many ways, but mostly because Erin is so passionate about the revelations of God...and she's acting on them!  I know you will find her transparency refreshingly invigorating as she talks about her new book:  Stranger Things!
So...whatever you do tomorrow...don't miss out on this wonderful interview with her!!
You will also be given a link to the first two chapters of her new book and the opportunity to win a complete copy free!  (If you are a winner, the book will be shipped to you after Jan. 1, 2014.) 

Thank you for the words of the Psalmist that remind us to dance in all circumstances...because our hope and our joy comes from You alone!

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