Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Book Review: Angelguard (The Angelguard Trilogy) by Ian Acheson

Angelguard by Ian Acheson is an action packed thriller with a large cast of colorful characters!  Imagine for a moment the convergence of a novel by Tom Clancy, John Grisham, Frank E. Peretii and CS Lewis.  After having that thought in your mind, you now have a sense for what you will experience when you read Angelguard.  Don't miss this novel!
Angelguard is filled with suspense
and intrigue front to back!
From the front cover with those menacing eyes, to the final page,  Angelguard had me on high alert with anticipation.  The author, Ian Acheson, skillfully writes an intricately woven story of good verses evil with endearing human characters challenging a multilevel ring of worldwide corruption.  Meanwhile, in the unseen spiritual dimension, the battle between angels and demons rage, as each side vies for the life of the souls within the cast.

From the very first chapter of this book to it's completion, I found myself absorbed in the action and completely connected to the relational characters.  The additional layer of descriptively imaginative angelic and demonic involvement brought a level of discomfort that, if we could see beyond the vale, might be closer to reality than we realize or care to acknowledge.  The author's attention to detail and superior ability to orchestrate so many stories within the main plot is to be commended.  He even supplies a comprehensive list of each of the character's names and connections at the beginning of the book to assist the reader in following all the pivotal twists and turns.  I must confess that I had to utilize this directory a time or two to remind myself who was who! 

Angelguard by Ian Acheson is a book that affects you in a positive manner beyond the completion of reading it.  The model of a praying, faith filled Christian is displayed frequently within this book.  The author steers us to respond to the emotional obstacles of grief, fear, confusion, and other seemingly insurmountable roadblocks with the simple act of prayer.  His penning of many conversations between the Lord and the main characters as they face challenges throughout the novel is beautifully moving and could be instrumental in strengthening or even creating a walk with Christ.  The tangible warmth and sense of protection that is felt through the description of the active presence of angel's in our lives is undeniable.  

Angelguard  is a wonderful novel debut by Ian Acheson.  The action, mystery, suspense, and emotional roller coaster ride he takes the reader on is exhilarating!  The incorporation of spiritual training in prayer, salvation, consistency, and faith cannot be understated.  I would highly recommend this book and am anxiously awaiting the release of his next book in the series:  Wrestling with Shadows.  Ian Acheson can be found on Twitter at:  @achesonian.   

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