Saturday, August 10, 2013

Book Review: AFLOAT by Erin Healy

Great book!!
afloat, (click here) by Erin Healy combines suspense, mystery, humor, love, forgiveness, and faith all in one novel!  How did she do that?!  This is one book you want to read!

afloat, by Erin Healy is a great novel!  I became lost in the pages of this exceptional work to the point that no outward distraction could tear me away.  That, in my opinion, is the definition of a good book!  The narration and character development are phenomenal!  I chose to limit my information about this author and book before I read it to allow for a blank canvas to capture my imagination and therefore inspire a fresh review.      

As I moved through the pages of her story, I felt similarities in this author’s writing style to the works of Frank Peretti and Ted Dekker.  It was very interesting that I found out after reading it that she has coauthored two books ( KISS and Burn) with Ted Dekker.  The novel, afloat will take the reader on a journey of unpredictable adventure in addition to behind the scene looks at spiritual happenings.  In the middle of all of it, I also found myself pondering deeply personal questions of faith, forgiveness, and the true meaning of the word love.  There is a dual experience of entertainment, as well as, profound gems of truth sprinkled throughout the pages.  Again, how did the author do that?! 

Erin Healy’s book, afloat, ends with discussion questions to allow further reflection into the areas of security; confidence of God’s existence; reaction to adversity; levels of forgiveness; and the nature of life and death.  It becomes clear through her questioning, that she wants the reader to respond to the love of God and to search deeply within our heart for His truth.  The book goes well beyond the boundaries of entertainment and stirs a responsive state within the reader.  What a great job!!  I’m off to read some more books written by this great author, Erin Healy.

Thank you to Thomas Nelson Publishing through the Booksneeze program for providing me with this complimentary Review copy of afloat by Erin Healy.  I was not required to give a positive review.  The opinions within this review are strictly my own. 


  1. Karen, thanks for the enthusiastic review! I'm so happy that you liked the book and were able to read it on multiple levels. Your words are a great encouragement to me as I write onward. Blessings to you. -EH

  2. It was my privilege, Erin! Again, I thoroughly enjoyed your book. I plan on reading The Baker's Wife next. Please keep writing....while I catch up. You are very talented!
    Have a beautiful week. ~Karen