Sunday, August 11, 2013

Be Good To Your Servant

Psalm 119:65(MSG) Be good to your servant, God;  be as good as Your Word.

Good-bye summer....
Well, something happened to the summer!  It's gone and I'm left with a school supply list.  I have no idea where the weeks went, but apparently it is almost time for academics to get back into full swing!  Oh my....that does not seem remotely possible.

I love this scripture.  It is the ultimate succinct prayer.  It clearly requests for the Lord to be good to us; for God to be as good as His word.  There are two things that I treasure about this verse.  First, I cherish that it calls to mind that I am a servant.  I am a servant to the living God.  The labor that I perform here on earth is for bring Him glory.  Secondly, I hold fast to the fact that God's word never changes and that He always keeps it...His word that is.  So, for Him to be "as good to us as His word" helps me to comprehend that when He says that He will not leave me or forsake me...He means it.  When He says that His love endures most certainly will.  When He promises a room in His house after this life on earth is will be there.  It is written...and so it shall be.
That is as good as it gets.

Bless Your servants tonight.  Fill us to overflowing with the love and promises that You have written in Your word for us, because You are as good as Your word says that You are!
In Your Holy Name,

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