Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Don't Budge

Psalm 119:51 (MSG)
The insolent ridicule me without mercy, but I don't budge from Your revelation.

Covered foot bridge in Pennsylvania.
I'm on a "bridge" obsession right now.  I love them!  They fascinate me.  Pretty much everything about them.  This one to the right is in Pennsylvania.  It's actually a foot bridge we crossed over while hiking there last summer.  I can almost feel the cool water as it ripples down stream.  If I concentrate hard enough, I can hear the gentle water as it rushes over the rocks and slides through the overhanging brush.  Listen.  Did you hear it?

Listening is hard isn't?  Especially when all you can hear is silence.  For instance, when you have prayed and prayed for something that you are sure is in God's will to deliver and yet He remains quiet.  What do you do with that?

Give up asking?  Turn to something else for answers?  Become bitter and angry?  Nope!  As a child of the King, that is not an option!  It is at this very point of silence that we do exactly what this verse says tonight.  We stand firm in Him and  we "...don't budge from His revelation!"  If you need encouragement tonight, hold tight to the Words that He has given You in His Word.  They are true morsels of the goodness of His love for you. 

My favorite woman of faith, Corrie Ten Boom, was quoted as saying,
 "In darkness God's truth shines most clear.” 

Most High God,

Thank You for revealing Yourself to us through the revelations You provide in Your Word. Help us to cling to those truths and allow them to light our path while we walk in dark places. 

In Christ's Name,


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