Thursday, June 14, 2012

Blog Review: The Cavewoman Speaks by KyAnne Weaver

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"The Cavewoman Speaks"
Blog by KyAnne Weaver
 The Cavewoman Speaks by KyAnne Weaver (click here) is a wonderfully encouraging blog filled with Godly wisdom for immediate application and lots of humor!  Her zeal for Christ is contagious and her passion to partner with women in their walk toward a more meaningful relationship with our Lord is her primary focus.

I enjoy reading books and reviewing them.  I also enjoy reading various blogs.  I have never actually reviewed a blog, so today I thought it would be fun to try it out.  This blog, The Cavewoman Speaks by KyAnne Weaver is one of my many favorites.  KyAnne introduces herself as a lover of Christ, wife and mother of three boys (young men now), teacher, and author of the book titled:  Diary of a Cavewoman.  If you would like to read my review for that book, please click here.

KyAnne's posts are transparent, succinct and always uplifting.  She has the ability to address important subject matters with a gentle humor that allows the reader to reflect on heart issues in a nonthreatening manner.  I always leave her pages with a lighter step, a spirit of freedom in Christ, and a renewed resolve to apply the truths of God's Word.  One of her most recent posts titled "Hindenburg Parenting" (click here) had me laughing out loud at my so many of her posts do. 

If you are wanting another blog to add to your Blog Roll, you will definitely want to consider this one, The Cavewoman Speaks by KyAnne Weaver.  Enjoy!!

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