Monday, June 15, 2015

Run by Kayla Morris

If Your revelation hadn't delighted me so, I would have given up when the hard times came. Psalm 119:92(MSG)

From the "Voices From the Middle 9" comes this poem by a young lady with whom I have had the privilege to watch grow from a tiny baby into the beautiful and intelligent young lady that she is today. We will need to watch for more works from Kayla Morris in the future; At a mere fourteen, she is a promising author!

I'm excited to be posting this poem on my blog, as it is Kayla's first publication! It speaks to my "running" heart, and I hope you too will enjoy it's depth. We must never give up in our endeavor to stand for what we believe in. I was so blessed to read this and I hope you will find meaning in it as well. I want to thank Kayla for allowing me to post this on my blog.

by Kayla Morris

She knows how to run
But not how to take a stand
RUN by Kayla Morris
Running is all she does
As she runs longer and faster
She feels as though the fears are fading
Fears recede
Emotions dull
Excitement becomes real
She runs with the fears in her pockets
The depression under her soles
She feels as though her fears can never catch her
But as her running slows
Fears build like stone
Emotions grow like fire
Excitement reduces to a bare nothing
She wears the pain on her face and in her words
That's why she took a stand
That's why she stopped running
She has no pain, she has no fear
Now she knows not how to run
But how to take a stand

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