Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Emergency Preparedness National Day of Action~It doesn't take much time to BE PPREPARED

Psalm 119:82 (MSG)
My eyes grow heavy watching for some sign of Your promise;  how long must I wait for Your comfort?

Storm clouds on the horizon.
Today is Emergency Preparedness National Day of Action.  It is a "FEMA-sponsored nationwide community based campaign to increase our emergency preparedness and resiliency" as quoted from the FEMA website.  I think the point is to study the geographical area in which you live, and prepare for the most logical scenario for a possible emergency.  I, personally, cannot manage to think about the large scale emergencies, such as, earthquakes and terrorist attacks, so I focus on the smaller more "manageable" emergencies.  In this area of the Midwest, of course, one thinks immediately of tornadoes and ice storms.  With the recent tornado outbreak, it is certainly fresh on my mind. 

We have a basement in our home, so I use our closet under the stairs as a shelter since it has a concrete wall on one side and is a small room.  The area fits all the "criteria" that I researched to make certain it was "the best" room for this function.  I have set it up according to the FEMA recommendations.  If you come with me inside the room, you will find:  water bottles, peanut butter, flash lights, blankets, pillows, weather radio, storm map, hammer, (supposed to be an axe...need to get one of those), change of clothes, first aid kit, a few good books (a given for any time you might be sitting with nothing to do, but not on FEMA's list...gasp)...etc.  It is not air tight, so it doesn't really provide shelter from an air born terrorist attack, and it's in the basement, so it's not a good quake protection I would want to be standing outside in the field for that one...but I digress. 

Storm Shelter
I think the point is this....I can't possibly prepare for every tragic scenario, but, I can surely focus on this one, sense it is truly a common threat that we are frequently faced with here in Missouri.  So, I took some time today and cleaned out my "shelter".  I changed out the batteries in all of the flashlights and storage box, which I might add had not been done in a LONG time apparently, based upon the many exploded batteries I found!  Interestingly, the brand Rayovac was the culprit.  All the Duracell and Heavy Duty were fine...a post for another day...perhaps...maybe even a  I replaced old water and snacks and made sure the radio was in working condition.  I shook out the blankets and pillows and rearranged the mattress.  That was easy...push that "easy button" here.  Now I am all "prepared".  How about you?  Are you prepared for whatever might come your way?  It didn't take me very long...and now I can rest assured knowing that I've done what I can do.  It's a nice feeling.

Today's Bible verse is a reminder to me that I need to be ever "watchful" and prepared to do my part to protect the life that He has given me and to guard my children's lives.  And to answer the question of the Psalmist about "how long must we wait for His comfort".....we don't have to wait at all for His comfort!  He is right here.....waiting for us!  We need only go to Him and He will wrap us in His comforting arms.

Thank you for the ability to provide protection to my family from storms.  I know that You hold us in the palm of Your mighty right hand.  May Your plans and promises always be fulfilled in our lives, so that Your name will be glorified!


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