Wednesday, May 2, 2012

The Tarantula On My Path

Psalm 119:40(MSG)
See how hungry I am for Your counsel; preserve my life through Your righteous ways!

It was a beautiful day here today!  There was a gentle breeze blowing, warm sunshine beaming down,  and a clear blue sky.  A perfect day for a run.  I pulled on my sneakers and hit the trail.  The path I chose today is one of my favorites because it winds along a creek bed.  The sound of the stream paired with the birds singing in the distance makes for an incredible run!  The trees form tunnels through the woods in some places, and in other areas there are wide open fields where one can see for miles.  The leaves and branches often accumulate on the path, however, so I have to watch my footing or I might end up stepping wrong and twisting an ankle.  Because of this, my gaze is constantly passing back and forth over the earth about two feet in front of me. 

As I made my last turn on the path, I came into the shadows of the trees and felt the cool welcome wind on my face.  My mind had been wandering through the list of mounting obstacles that I've recently had placed in my life.  It was about this time when I caught my first glimpse of it.  There, right below my feet by this point, sat a huge tarantula!!  I jumped what felt like at least two feet in the air and let out a scream loud enough for the entire countryside to hear.  By my calculations, I was going to land right on one of the sprawling legs of the creature!  Not daring to take my eyes off of what would probably be a spider strike, I watched my foot moving in slow motion as it landed directly next to his long hairy leg.  Bracing myself for what was sure to hurt, but still trying to avert his teeth, I noticed he didn't move.  That's odd....I would have thought my shoe hitting so close to him would have startled him into some sort of motion.  
That was when I stopped dead in my tracks.  I bent my head a little closer.  I realized upon further inspection that this wasn't even a spider at all!  It was simply some dead dark leaf residue that had spindled itself on the pavement into the shape of a nasty spider.  Wow!  As my heart rate returned to baseline and I managed to continue down the lane, I wondered something.  How many times in my life have I been frightened by an obstacle because I misinterpreted what it was?  The pattern of the leaves on the path today looked like impending doom to me.  In the same way, there are things looming in my future that seem huge and frightening, but they may not even be a threat.  How about you?  Do you have something that stands in front of you casting a dark shadow on everything around and threatening to harm you?

Enter today's verse.  If I will seek His counsel, He will bring light to my situation and redefine it for me.  My view and perception of the challenge might be incorrect just like I incorrectly identified the leafs today.  Things can look very different when we get His perspective on things.

Oh God,
Thank You for Your words that show me Your right way.  Thank You for the counsel and security that are mine through Your letters given to me in the Holy Bible.  Please give me the map to go around the mountain, the tools to drill through it, the strength to go over it, or the vision to see that it is not even a mountain at all.
In Jesus Name,

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