Sunday, December 30, 2012

Following His Light Into 2013

Psalm 119:58(MSG)
I beg you from the bottom of my heart:  smile, be gracious to me just as You promised.

The word "grace" is repeatedly being brought to my mind lately.  How timely that here it is again as I approach a New Year.  While my daughter and I sat together curled up by the fire reading the Word of God a few mornings ago , she softly said, " I hate that Christmas is over."  I thought about this and remembered back to when I was a little girl.  It was sort of a sad time, as the excitement and electricity of the season came to an end.  But, as the years have gone by and I have been blessed to be a part of many cherished Christmas celebrations, I have come to the realization that the week after Christmas is just as awe inspiring for me as the week before.  You might be wondering how that can be?  Simply because of a word that keeps creeping into my heart.  The word grace.

Taking time during this week after our Savior's birth and using it to recount all of the favor that He has poured over my family for the past year, gives me an overwhelming sense of who He is!  Reviewing all of the times when the Lord met our needs and gave us abundantly more than I could have even known to ask for or imagined, provides a confidence that comes only from Him.  It saturates me in His peace, and yet at the same time, allows a power to well up within me to face another year of security in Him.  He is very clear in His Word that He will take care of me!  He promises to sustain us and to walk us through even the greatest of trials!

Our family has some pretty big challenges that we are facing in the coming year.  I don't have any idea what you might be facing this year, but I do know the One you can face it with!  He is big.  You can count on Him to see you through the very toughest of circumstances.  His Word will give you clear instructions for how we can face every single day.  He will protect you and allow you to walk in places that you only thought you could crawl!  Now that is truly inspiring.  My prayer for my family and for you this year, comes directly from today's verse.  I pray that the Lord will smile upon us and be gracious to us, just as He promised that He would. 

I will be reading from the NKJV Bible this year.  I have chosen:  Jesus Calling Devotional Bible published by Thomas Nelson.  Feel free to join me in reading this translation or the one of your choice.  His Word is life changing!  I know that to be true.

As always, You give us a new and fresh hope.  Thank you for Your words that brings us peace, confidence, and power to anticipate a New Year of wonderful blessings.  Show us our gifts and help us to use them to bring You glory in 2013.
In Your Name,

Sunday, December 23, 2012

I'm Hungry

Psalm 119:57 (MSG)
Because You satisfy me, God, I promise to do everything You say.

As I ponder this verse tonight, I am taken back by the conviction of this statement.  The Psalmist is basically pledging allegiance to God.  He is clearly and concisely proclaiming that whatever God tells him to do.....he will do.  Wow!  How did the writer get to a point where he could proclaim this kind of undivided devotion?

I watched these two as they searched for food right outside my
office window a few mornings ago. 
I think I have the answer to this question.  It's found in the words leading up to his pronouncement.  The words..."because you satisfy me, God".  When we are satisfied by God, we too will pledge our complete allegiance to Him.  The question then becomes:  How do I allow God to satisfy me?  

To be satisfied by Him, I first need to be hungry.  Matthew 5:6 (NKJV)  states, "Blessed are those who hunger and thirst for righteousness, for they shall be filled."  So, therefore, to be able to commit our entire obedience to God, we have to first and foremost be hungry for Him!  We have to empty ourselves of everything and allow Him to fill us to overflowing with His spirit.  It is at that place, that we too shall be content and eager to take on everything that the Lord has assigned for our lives.  It is at that pivotal point that our words will become the Psalmist's words...."I promise to do everything You say, Oh God!"

Thank You for this amazing time of year that allows us to come together and celebrate the gift of Your Son~Jesus Christ.  Please allow the trappings of this world to fall to the side, so that our focus can be found in You alone. 

In the Holy name of Christ,